Using Wise2Sync

Wise2Sync products catalog management tools described in detail. This is after you have imported your products from product feeds / suppliers.

Data Mapping

Everything about attributes mapping: categories, manufacturers and product data.

Product repricing

See how to add product price markup or apply discount based on various conditions.

Rules Builder

Rules builder is one of our key features to make large data catalog manageable. It is used in mul...

Export profiles

This is where you set which products and how they are exported to your sales channel.

Dynamic Attributes

Create custom attributes and assign values based on specific conditions. Lets take an example of ...

Product Export Checker

This feature is useful when you want to check why certain products were (not) exported in a parti...

Product Data Preview

Shows originally imported products from your data source (your eCommerce platform or supplier). T...

Re-index suppliers

Re-index feature is meant to increase the performance of Product Preview: Faster loading. ...

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