How repricing works

In this article we will describe how product price adjustments work in Wise2Sync app.

Wise2Sync can adjust product prices based on rules and conditions. This is useful when you want to change product prices in your export integrations.

  • Repricer rules are connected to the Export profiles. This means you can have different price adjustments based on your integration.
  • Multiple rules can be applied to the product. This is based on Priority value: rules with the smallest priority will be applied first.
  • Conditions are used to determine whether the price adjustment formula needs to be applied.

If you navigate to Export profiles → Repricer rules and click "Add New Rule" a pop-up will open:

  • Export Profiles - choose which of your export profile (s) to apply the rule
  • Rule Label - give this rule a name you want, later it will be easier to differentiate rules
  • Conditions - if all the conditions are met, then price adjustment formula will be applied
  • Formula - how to modify the price. Read this article how to use Formula field: using product price adjustment formulas.
  • Priority - Wise2Sync applies rules based on priority (rules with the smallest priority are applied first)
  • Status - Active / Inactive



Example above means: if all of the conditions are met, add 10% to product base price. You can have multiple rules with different conditions and price adjustments:

Repricer rules

Once you are done, you can always check what the exported price is. Read this article how to debut product prices.

We advise to make a price adjustment strategy first, so you make sure you add some kind of markup to all products.