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Invoicing FAQ

Wise2Sync billing and invoicing frequently asked questions.

Learn the Basics

Learn the basics to help you make the most of Wise2Sync.


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Upload and download products from your PrestaShop store.

Product exports

See how Wise2Sync exports products in different formats, to Marketplaces, E-commerce platforms price comparison websites.

Product Imports

See how products are imported into Wise2Sync.


We are happy to inform you that our new Shopify app is live! Use our newly created Shopify App for seamless products import and...

User FAQ

Main tools usage of the Wise2Sync frequently asked questions.

Users & Accounts

How to update your profile, reset password etc.

Using Wise2Sync

Wise2Sync products catalog management tools described in detail. This is after you have imported your products from product fee...


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