Export Profiles List

If you click on "Export Profiles" in your menu on the left - you will see a list of all connections with your sales channels. In this section we will explain what each column means and how to use actions.

Export Profiles List


Indicates, weather the export profile is executed manually or automatically. Based on your subscription plan with us, AUTO export profiles will be executed multiple times a day.

  • Auto Mode. Amount of automatic export profiles depends on your subscription plan with us. This export profile is executed automatically multiple times a day: we download and sync data with suppliers your suppliers and then automatically generate an export file
  • Manual Mode. You can have multiple export profiles with manual mode. These export profiles are not executed automatically - you can schedule it for execution by adding it to Queue (first icon in Actions list). Manual export profiles are useful for testing or when you need to export some sample data of your products catalog. Running manual mode export profiles does not sync data with suppliers.

Shows the type of the export profile (usually a name of your sales channel).


Name of the export profile. You can give your own export profile name and use it for your reference.

Updated At

Date and time when last time the export profile was modified. For example if you modify filters in your export profile and click "Save" -  this will be the timestamp of your action.

Completed At

Date and time when the export profile was executed and export file was generated (see Export Results tab in your export profile). In other words, date and time when Export profile status was last set to "Completed".


Indicates current status of the export profile. Possible statuses are:

  • Completed - last profile execution was completed successfully;
  • Pending - export profile is in queue to be executed. Usually within 1-15 minutes it is picked and it's status is changed to "Running". Sometimes you will see explanation mark with "Related tasks are not finished yet" - this means that product sync with suppliers is still in progress;
  • Running - means that our system is working to generate an export file;
  • Expired - means that we had problems downloading product information from supplier. Our app will retry to complete this action multiple times during the day;
  • Error - indicates that something went wrong and export file can not be generated. Our app will try to execute product export multiple times - if status "Error" remains in your account for a longer period - please notify our support team about the status.
  • Queue - add export profile to queue to be executed. This is useful when you make changes to f.e. product filters, repricing etc. and do not want to wait for the next Auto sync. Once you click "Queue" - export profile status will change to "Pending", then to "Running" and at the end back to "Complete". Your latest product export file will be available "Export Results" tab;
  • Edit - enters profile editing screen;
  • Copy - copies selected export profile with all preferences and changes the label to "Copy of [original export profile label]";
  • Delete - deletes selected export profile.