Attribute Mapping

By default, Wise2Sync maps main product information like brand, manufacturer, price, stock level etc. However, additional product information like delivery term, weight, dimensions etc. can be useful in your export as well. In this article we will explain how to map these attributes so this data can be used in export profiles.

Step 1. Create desired attributes list

Navigate to Data mapping → Attribute mapper → My attributes. Here you will see a list of already mapped attributes. Click "Add attribute" and a pop-up will open:

  • Attribute code - unique identifier (ID, code or any other value, that can be used for import
    in your sales platform). You can make this the same as Label.
  • Label - usually a text value, the name of the Attribute you will see in export profiles
  • Type - choose "Text" for text type values (for e.g. "3-5 days", "Coming soon"), or "Number" for numeric values (for e.g. 9.000)

Add attribute

After you click "Create" a new attribute will be saved. Repeat this step for all desired attributes.

Step 2. Map attributes

Navigate to Data mapping → Attribute mapper → Supplier attributes where you will see all possible product attributes from your suppliers / data feeds. Column alias shows the connection between supplier attributes and your attributes. Notice the price, stock etc. are already mapped.

Use a search field to find desired attribute and click Edit icon in the corresponding row. A pop-up will open. Use "Alias" field to find an attribute you created in Step 1.