Export Data Template

If you are exporting an XML, CSV or JSON file, this is where you would form this file and make the structure the way you want. We recommend you configure the template after you have mapped desired attributes, manufacturers categories etc.

Below we give some examples of how to configure XML template. But the same concepts and methods apply for generating JSON or CSV files.

If you navigate to Data export → Export profiles and click on the Edit icon in the corresponding row, a new page will open. Choose tab "Template" and you will see a "tree like" list of attributes:

Export Template

You can use mouse to drag and order elements, as well as moving them to groups.  Example template above will output an XML document with the structure as follows:

	<name><![CDATA[D-Link DVG-6004S Voice Gateway with 4 Port FXO]]></name>
			<added_at><![CDATA[2019-07-08 14:31:05]]></added_at>
	<category><![CDATA[Network components / Gateways]]></category>
		<weight><![CDATA[1.42 kg]]></weight>


Adding elements

You can add more elements in the template by clicking red "Add Element". A pop-up will open:

Adding elements in export profile #1

Use search function to find desired attribute:

  • Attribute - product attribute to be added in the export file
  • Custom element/column name - you can override attribute code by giving it a custom name. So in this case, instead on <weight><![CDATA[1.42 kg]]></weight> it will be <product_weight><![CDATA[1.42 kg]]></product_weight>
  • Default value - set a default value in case this attribute is empty. Leave this field empty if you do not want to set any default value

If you choose to add a system attribute (f.e. category, manufacturer), there will be a new field "Mapper Value".

Adding elements in export profile #2

Mapper value has two options:

  • Code - attribute Code will be in XML file.  F.e. <brand_code><![CDATA[samdung_products]]></brand_code>
  • Label - attribute Label will be in XML file. F.e. <brand><![CDATA[Samsung]]></brand>

See category product data mapping section how data mapping works and how to set different attribute codes and labels.