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Category Import / Export

Using Wise2Sync Data Mapping

Here we will show you how to import your own categories. If you have a list of categories from yo...

Which fields do I need in my own Google sheet file?

Product Imports

If you need help building Google sheet or after you've built it, send a link to support@wise2sync...

How often products info will be updated?

General FAQ

We update product info from suppliers twice a day. Usually, an update is done in the morning and ...

What do i need to start using Wise2Sync?

General FAQ

In general, the steps would be as follows: 1. Find and choose suppliers; 2. Make an agreement...

How i can create Wise2Sync account?

General FAQ

You can easily register and create an account here: Demo prod...

Setting category priorities

Using Wise2Sync Data Mapping

In some cases, one product can belong to a few categories. Here we will explain how to prioritize...

Re-index suppliers

Using Wise2Sync

Re-index feature is meant to increase the performance of Product Preview: Faster loading. ...

How to add price markups to my products (most common repricing rules)?

User FAQ

Here you will find the most common repricing rules: {attr:price}*1.5 - adds 50% to basic prices ...

How to manage your products and use product filters in export profiles?

User FAQ

You can use filters any time you want to choose what products should be imported to your shop or ...

How to use multiple filters in the export profile?

User FAQ

You can use multiple filters in the export profile to narrow the range of products you want to im...

What is important if i want to import large quantities of products to my shop?


We recommend having a server with CLI access. CLI (command line interface) access is not required...

Channable product import

Product Imports

We can offer an XML template prepared for Channable requirements. The data feed has to be availab...

How to start using Wise2Sync Shopify APP?


Discover or select suppliers and sign contracts with them. Receive access/logins or link to t...

What version of certain e-commerce Wise2Sync plugin supports?

General FAQ

WooCommerce - plugin is tested and working with PHP 8.0 and versions from WooCommerce 6.3.1 to ...