WooCommerce Connector installation

WooCommerce connector supports product download and upload. This article explains how plugin configuration works.

Always make a backup of your existing store before making product imports / exports on LIVE website. Best practice is to perform testing on STAGING version of your site and then apply them on LIVE.

The following options are to be done on the WooCoommerce side.

A plugin is tested and working with PHP 8.0 and versions from Wordpress 6.3.1 to Woocommerce 8.1.1.

Plugin Installation

Upload plugin to your WordPress site and activate it.

Add a CRON tabs. It is recommended to be executed every 2 minutes, but can be every 5 or 10 minutes as well:

*/2 * * * * php {path_to_document_root}/wp-content/plugins/wisexml-connect/heartbeat.php > /dev/null

Replace {path_to_document_root} with path of your website's location on the server.

Heartbeat is like a scheduler - it is a generic task to see what the Connector plugin has to perform. You will not be able to import products without having Heartbeat CRON running.

All tasks (especially product import) are asynchronous - this means that every heartbeat this plugin will only process certain amount of products, but not all. If you set this CRON to be executed for example one every hour, it might take very long before all products are imported to your store. To sum up - the more frequent CRON is, the faster the import / update of products go.

Do not use wget, cronurl or similar commands. Heartbeat has to be executed from your server. Otherwise, your website might not be accessible for your visitors when Heartbeat is running.

Updating the Plugin

If you already have plugin installed and want to update to newest version:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard Plugins page.
  2. Deactivate and remove Wise2Sync Connect plugin.
  3. Upload new plugin version by clicking button "Add new" and then "Upload plugin".
  4. Wise2Sync Connect plugin should be visible in the plugins list now. Click "Activate it" to enable plugin.

General configuration is located in Admin panel under Wise2Sync → Wise2Sync Settings.  Alternatively, you can access it by navigating to WooCommerce → Settings → Wise2Sync. To configure import or export create import or export profile accordingly. See Setting up product import from Wise2Sync to WooCommerce and Setting up product export from WooCommerce to Wise2Sync  pages for detailed descriptions of each profile.

General settings (located under Wise2Sync → Wise2Sync settings)
  • Mode - set working mode as Production or Development. Enable development mode when testing/developing for extra settings. When not testing, set it to Production mode.
    Available Shell commands (via shell.php)

    Delete all tasks:

    shell.php --deletetasks

    Run next task in queue:

    shell.php --runnexttask

    Removes all ever imported Wise2Sync products and product images from website (test it first before executing on LIVE website):

    shell.php --removeall