Import & Export Profiles

Before you can start import/export of the products, you first need to create a profile and set some preferences.

In your PrestaShop back-end panel, navigate to Shop Parameters → Wise2Sync. Click on the Profiles tab on the top. In this article we will explain more details how to set up profiles.

There are two types of profiles which are split into two grids:

  • Product Import
  • Product Export

Both types share same general settings and some individual settings.

Profile General Settings

Lets say are going to import products to your store. Click "New Import Profile" in the top right corner and a form will open:



Profile Active
Enable or disable this profile. Heartbeat will ignore inactive profiles and will not schedule tasks.

Name of the Profile
You can give this profile a name (f.e. Product Stock&Price update etc.). Use this for your own reference.

Profile execution Frequency
How often a Heartbeat should schedule tasks based on this Profile. If you are going to use multiple export/import profiles, make sure they have enough time between them. Heartbeat will not start new task if the previous is not finished yet.

Import Profile

If you are creating an Import Profile, you will need to set the following settings:


Product Source
Select Product export profile from your account in If list is empty, make sure entered valid API Acess Token in module configuration section and you have a least one PrestaShop type export profile in

In the drop-down you might see more items. Make sure you select the one with [PrestaShop Data Export] in the brackets.

There several modes how import can be done:

  • Create New Products - would only create products that are not in your shop. It would also update stock & price of existing products, add images and update combinations (slower). We recommend to execute this at night.
  • Update Stock&Price - will only update existing products (faster). If needed, you can execute it during the day.

Disable Missing Products
Once Heartbeat finishes processing all products, it will check if there are any products missing in the import with your reference prefix. Set this feature to YES, if you want disable missing products (f.e. supplier removed product from their system or these products are not available anymore in your export profile in This will also set Quantity to 0 for missing combinations.

Import Limit
Set limit to how many products should be added to import queue. Leave blank or set to 0 to import all products available in This is useful for testing purposes, when you do not want to import all products but just certain number (limit).

Export Profile

If you are creating an Export Profile, you will need to set the following settings:


Only Active
If set to yes, only products that are Active will be exported.

Product Visibility
Only products with selected visibility will be exported.The following options are:

  • Everywhere
  • Catalog Only
  • Search Only
  • Nowhere

Skip Products w/o Images
If set to yes, products that do not have any images will not be exported.

Only In Stock Products
If set to Yes, only products with Quantity > 0 will be exported.

Export Limit
Set limit to how many products should be exported. Leave blank or set to 0 to export all products. This is useful for testing purposes, when you do not want to export all products but just a fraction.

Profiles Grid

Once you've created some profiles, profiles list will display some information. If profile is Active, you can schedule it to be executed next time Heartbeat runs.

PrestaShop Import / Export profiles list