Module Settings

Once you've installed the Connector, you can now configure it. Open module configuration page and you will see a form like this:




We've put all the explanations about what each field is meant fore. Here are the most important:

Wise2Sync API Access Token

ou can get this key from your account at ("Access Token" item from the left side menu). Do not share it with third parties - as this key is private and issued only to you. Copy / paste this key into module configuration field. After you save config form, you should see a green notification message:

Wise2Sync API [200]: Your API Key is valid. License issued to [Name Surname]. Status: active.

If the access token is invalid - you would see a warning message:

Wise2Sync API [401]: The access token provided is invalid.

API Access Token can be invalid for a several reasons:

  • A mistype in API key (use copy/paste to avoid this);
  • Your account at is suspended / cancelled.

Do not try to guess the API key. After several unsuccessful attempts you server IP might be blocked for 1 hour for security reasons.

Product Reference Prefix

Only used for product import. All products, that will be imported from Wise2Sync will have this reference prefix. If you change this prefix after you imported some products, old products will not be updated (Wise2Sync Connector module will only update products with the prefix you set).

Using reference prefix allows you to have products on your store that are not synced with Wise2Sync.

Prefix length has to be between 3 and 10 characters long. Default value: "WSX-".

Heartbeat Time-out & Batch Size

These settings work together in combination with how often Heartbeat is executed.

As you know, Heartbeat acts like a scheduler - schedules and executes tasks in batches. It does not import / export all products every time it is executed. All tasks are executed in batches. For example if you have 5000 products from Wise2Sync and you set batch size to 100, then it would take ~50 Heartbeats to complete the task.

However, to prevent "very long" Heartbeats, we use "Heartbeat Time-out" value to limit the duration. If you set time-out value to 2 minutes, Wise2Sync connector will stop processing batch when it reaches those 2 minutes.

Heartbeat time-out value should not exceed Heartbeat CRON frequency. If you set you CRON to be executed every 5 minutes, maximum value for time-out should be 5 minutes.

Batch Size depends on speed of your server resources. If you are going to import products (especially with combinations), set this value to lower, f.e. 200. If you are going to only export product - then it can be and 500 or higher, as product export is in general faster.

Wise2Sync Connector uses PHP Symfony framework native console mechanism to prevent executing multiple commands at the same time. Every time a server runs Heartbeat script it checks weather there are no other instances of Heartbeat running.

Pre-defined Feature Values

Product features in PrestaShop can have Customized or Pre-defined values. If feature value is individual per product (for example Part Number, MPN, location address etc.) - then we recommend to use those values as pre-defined.

Most often attribute labels in will be imported as features. Add feature names that would be use a pre-defined product value (for example: Product Type, Warranty, Color, Composition, County Of Origin etc.). Each feature per new line.

All other feature values that you do not write here will be created with "Customized values". See your attributes and attribute labels in your account at to decide which of them could use a pre-defined value.

Report Email Address

Set email addresses (comma separated) to receive report once the task becomes complete. Leave blank to disable email reporting.

Images Index

Wise2Sync stores which images have been imported. Keeping the image index speeds up the import process - as only new images are uploaded to your store.

If you clear images Index table, then next time a product import task is run - it will re-upload all product images. Uploading images is resource intensive task, therefore the task execution time will be longer.