Which fields do I need in my own import file?

The easiest way for importing products feed data into Wise2Sync is by CSV, XML or JSON format files. Text encoding should be in UTF-8. In case you have a large amount of products (f.e. > 10 000) - consult with us first to discuss the best approach.

If you need help building the feed or After you've build your feed, send a link to support@wise2sync.com and we will verify if all is legit. Do not hesitate to contact us also if you need help with building a feed.

Mandatory fields

Below is a minimum list of product attributes that each product should have:

Description Example
id Required. Unique identification number of your product 15484
ean Required. The barcode, ISBN, or UPC of the product. 1000005522123
product_name Required. Name of the product.  
manufacturer Required. The manufacturer / brand of the product. Puma
description Required. Description of the product. Can be a plain text or in HTML format.  
product_price Required. The price of the product. Don't include any currency symbols. 9.99
quantity Required. The number of items you have in stock of this product. 50
category Required. Category that this product belongs to. Category should be specific as much as possible. Accessories > Men’s Accessories > Gloves > Winter Gloves.
images Required. URL for a product image. Product should have at least one image. www.website.com/images/product.jpg
sku Required. SKU (stock keeping unit) code of your product. PUMA-AB-1548-L
product_link Recommended. Public URL of a product www.website.com/product-link

You can also add more attributes to the feed like: materials, warranty, delivery term etc.


XML example with no product variants:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
		<ean><![CDATA[356975 04/9-]]></ean>
		<name><![CDATA[Puma Winter Players Gloves]]></name>
		<description><![CDATA[PUMA Knitted Gloves are designed to work on touch screens.]]></description>
		<category_path><![CDATA[Men's Accessories > Men's Gloves]]></category_path>

If your products have variants like color or size, you can also provide this information in your product feed. In this case use group_id attribute. See a JSON example:

 product": {
    "id": "2579",
    "ean": "2907025030709",
    "name": "Puma Winter Players Gloves",
    "description": "<p>This PUMA Knitted Gloves are designed to work on touch screens.</p>",
    "category_path": "Men's Accessories > Men's Gloves",
    "manufacturer": "PUMA",
    "price": "15",
    "stock": "50",
    "images": [
    "sku": "979328",
    "part_number": "PGKG135G",
    "group_id" : "256”,
    "materials" : [
         "Acrylic 95%",
         "Elastane 5%"
    "color" : "Black"

See our example XML file for more advanced features: xml_example.xml