How do imports work?

Before we can export any products, we need to import them in our system. Only then product information can be used for mapping, filtering and finally be used in export.

There can be several types of imports (data sources):

  • From eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, OpenCart etc.)
  • From Products supplier (wholesaler).
  • Custom products feed (XML, CSV etc.)
  • Google sheet

Suppliers already have their API and products feeds ready which we are connected to. You will only need some kind of authentication from supplier (link to products feed, API key, username / password etc.) - it can be individual per supplier.

You can have multiple data sources from different types: import products from a few suppliers and also from their own eCommerce shops.

Our system syncs information from data sources multiple times a day (depends on your Plan).

Contact us by mail to discuss possible import solutions. We are sure we can find a way how to connect your product feed with Wise2Sync.