What is duplicates_data (product alternatives) attribute?

If you have more than one data source (product suppliers), there is a chance that multiple suppliers can have the same product. Wise2Sync deals with this and selects the cheapest product as the best option and may put other suppliers' information in duplicates_data system attribute.

Each export profile has a parameter "Unique Product ID". Usually, you would select this parameter as EAN code, MPN, or SKU. Based on this parameter, Wise2Sync checks for duplicate products in your catalog. If it appears that two or more suppliers have this product, it will select the cheapest (after repricing rules are applied) in-stock product.

The duplicates_data tag contains this information about the product alternatives per product:

  • supplier code
  • product SKU
  • product cost price (as imported from supplier)
  • quantity

If you are using XML export template - this tag would look like this:

<duplicates_data label="Product Alternatives">
    	<supplier label="Supplier"><![CDATA[also]]></supplier>
		<sku label="SKU"><![CDATA[384087421]]></sku>
		<price label="Price">157.00</price>
		<qty label="QTY">10</qty>
    	<supplier label="Supplier"><![CDATA[elko]]></supplier>
		<sku label="SKU"><![CDATA[6546875645]]></sku>
		<price label="Price">166.40</price>
		<qty label="QTY">2</qty>

Read more here on how to add more data to this tag.