Woocommerce export/import troubleshooting (tips)

Products are not exporting or importing as expected

In some cases, you will have a situation when products do not import or export as expected. We advise you to read this article and follow simple steps to eliminate the problem.

Products are not being imported.

  • Step 1. Firstly, make sure if the import profile exists and is configured correctly.
    • Check if the profile is enabled.
    • Check CRON expression carefully. Make sure it is correct. You can evaluate it here.
    • Check import mode. It might be set to “Only update existing products” which prevents new products creation.
  • Step 2. Check if the task exists and it was executed. Go to Wise2Sync → Task Manager.
    You should be able to find import task here by profile name and execution date.
    • If you cannot find import task at all, most likely it wasn’t scheduled yet. Tasks are scheduled few hours before execution.
    • You did find the task and ‘scheduled at’ date has passed but task is still ‘pending’. This suggests that CRON maybe not configured on configured incorrectly. Please refer to CRON configuration guide.
    • Task has ‘error’ status. Open task and see log messages for more information about error. Log message may suggest the issue.
    • Task has ‘skipped’ status. Most likely it was skipped due to other running task. Please check each profile CRON expression and ensure that time it correctly set up to avoid running several tasks at same time.
    • Task has ‘success’ status. In task log message check how many products were imported. The Module could be working in ‘development mode’ with restrictions. Refer to https://docs.Wise2Sync.com/books/connectors/page/as-testing-in-development-mode article on how to remove restrictions or switch to ‘production’ mode.

Images not being imported.

  • Step 1. Find import task under Wise2Sync → Task Manager and check log messages for errors.
  • Step 2. Check if “media_gallery” field is included in the Wise2Sync Export profile template. https://app.wise2sync.com
  • Step 3. Check if server has sufficient disk space.

Product Attributes not being imported.

If certain attributes present in the Wise2Sync profile are not imported,  please check the following.

  • Step 1. Ensure attribute names matches between Wise2Sync profile and Wocommerce shop.
  • Step 2. “Create new attributes” must be enabled in import profile (unless attributes already exist under Products → Attributes).
  • Step 3. If attribute must be imported as taxonomy (under Products → Attributes) check if this attribute is specified in “Create attributes as taxonomies” field. Otherwise, attribute will be set as meta field per individual product.

Certain product fields not being imported.

Refer to https://docs.Wise2Sync.com/books/connectors/page/setting-up-product-import-from-Wise2Sync-to-woocommerce article and ensure Wise2Sync Export profile template is configured correctly.

Variable products not imported or imported as simple products.

Ensure group_id field is present in the Wise2Sync Export profile template.

Missing products in the export file.

  • Step 1. Check the export task message log. There may be an error indicating possible issues.
  • Step 2. Check the filters (product status, quantity, price) settings in the export profile. Try lowering or removing filter restrictions and generate export again.
  • Step 3. Go to Wise2Sync → Settings and make sure that “product limit” is not set (applies only when the “Development” mode is set).

Missing fields or attributes in export.

  • Step 1. Check the export task message log. There may be an error indicating possible issues.
  • Step 2. Please check the export profile settings. Take note of the following settings:
    • EAN - if “EAN (product attribute)” is set, make sure there’s an EAN attribute assigned to products. If “Custom (generated)” option is selected, make sure “Custom EAN prefix” is filled.
    • Manufacturer – ensure the correct attribute is specified.
    • Extra columns to export – ensure desired attributes are select or select “All”.
    • Attributes to export – ensure the attribute is included or * (wildcard) is included. If using CSV export format, * wildcard is not allowed, therefore ensure to specifically specify attributes.

We hope these tips will help you and if you still need some assistance do not hesitate to drop us a line at  support@wise2sync.com


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