How to start using Wise2Sync Shopify APP?

  1. Discover or select suppliers and sign contracts with them. Receive access/logins or link to their product information feed*.

  2. Register your Wise2Sync account. Sign up.

  3. When you are ready to start press the button Upgrade on the top and fill in your billing details and will send the first payment.

  4. Send us logins or links to the suppliers' product feeds.
  5. After receiving the necessary data and payment, we will add the product information to your Wise2Sync account.

  6. Go to your Wise2Sync account and create an export profile for Shopify App. Map product categories as tags, add price markups and make sure all the changes you have done are saved.

  7. After that go to API Access Tokens tab and copy the “Token” value.

  8. Install Wise2Sync Shopify App.

  9. In the app Account tab → Settings window → paste and save the “Wise API Access Token” copied previously.

  10. Inform us when you are ready for product data import.

  11. We will create a periodical 2 times per day product feed data update and synchronization will start.

*in case you haven't done this yet.

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