Product exports

See how Wise2Sync exports products in different formats, to Marketplaces, E-commerce platforms price comparison websites.

Downloading products and images

This is the most popular way of exporting products and data from Wise2Sync. You can access your export profile results after you have configured an Export profile.

Every export (no matter if it is connection with marketplace or eCommerce platform) generates an XML, CSV or smilar file. You can access this file in two ways.

Downloading export file from the App

After you login to your account, navigate to Data export → Export profiles and choose your export profile. If you click on "Export Results" tab you will see export log. You can download the most recent file or an older one.

Read this article this article to find out more.

Access products file by using file URL

As part of API support, Wise2Sync allows access of the latest export generated file by requesting it through URL.{export_profile_id}/results/latest?access_token={access_token}

If you replace these variables with your values, the URL would look like this:

If all is good, it will return a file which you can save and then process it. If there are errors, they will be returned with HTTP Status codes and error messages in JSON format.

Downloading images

In your export file you will see image names. To access image name you must call this URL:{file_name}?_format=file&access_token={access_token}

Replace variables with your access token and file name. Your image URL will look something like:

Make sure you use the right Access token.

Access of export files and images from URL is small part of Wise2Sync API. These methods can be used by all users. Enterprise plan users can use many more commands and benefits of API. Contact us to discuss possible solutions.

Uploading exported products to FTP server

You can set Wise2Sync profile to put generated CSV, XML or JSON file to your FTP server.

See this article how to configure your export profile.