Before you start

We provide Wise2Sync Connector module for PrestaShop only after you signup with us. If you already have an account and do not have the module - contact us.

Before you start:

  • Read minimum requirements page to make sure our module works on your PS;
  • Read the PrestaShop connector module definitions section - it will be easier to use our knowledge base and understand how things work;
  • Make a backup of your store before installing / using our extension. Ideally, try using it first on a testing environment to make sure it meets your needs and expectations;
  • Make sure your server has enough storage space (especially if you are going to import products). Imports / exports will take faster if you have a faster server;
  • If you notice a bug or have a feature request - let us know by email to

In short,  to set up product sync between Wise2Sync App and your store, you will need make the following steps:

  1. Configure the export profile in (product repricing, export filters, attribute / category mapping etc.);
  2. Install connector module on your PS;
  3. Configure the module;
  4. Create import / export profiles;
  5. Test and make adjustments to settings in Wise2Sync App or connector module if needed.

We've made our app and PS module the way that you could set up product sync yourself with no programming knowledge. However, if you do not feel confident - we have a setup service and can do this for you. Drop us an email to to discuss this!



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