Learn the Basics

Learn the basics to help you make the most of Wise2Sync.

What can Wise2Sync do for you?

Wise2Sync is a product feed automation and products catalog management tool. You can import products from multiple sources, filter out products based on rules and conditions, and export them to multiple channels like eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, shopping feeds, price comparison websites etc.

What we can do for you

Wise2Sync can help you with:

If you are a manufacturer, merchant, or supplier, we can make your data feed available to publishers to help you attract customers. With Wise2Sync you control data and filter products your partners receive from you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how Wise2Sync can be useful for your business.

What we can not offer for you

What is the pricing model of Wise2Sync?

Wise2Sync is a SaaS platform and is hosted on our servers. We improve it constantly and support our customers free of charge with any of Pricing plans. We charge our customers on a monthly basis and the payment has to be done upfront.

Fees for using our services mainly depend on:

What is an onboarding call?

After the initial setup of Wise2Sync app we suggest an on-boarding call to guide you through the system and what you have to do to make the most out of our services.

The onboarding call is mandatory because we want to make sure you are familiar with Wise2Sync and all the features it provides. During this call, we provide information on how to reach your goals and we share useful advices and tips for future use of our product. We will also answer your questions if you have any.

The onboarding call is made with screen sharing if needed. Time and date are arranged by email a day or a few days in advance. It usually takes ~60 minutes and we cover such topics as:

Please check your equipment to make sure the microphone and speaker work. Thanks!