Debugging product prices

There a few positions which need to be checked. Read this article first to understand how product price updates work. In general:

  1. We collect prices from your suppliers / product feeds
  2. Based on "unique field" in the export profile (usually EAN code) we compare similar products and choose the cheapest product as base price
  3. After we have determined product base price, pricing rules are applied and price markup / discount is added

Please note that repricing rules can be individual per export profile. Make sure you check which pricing rules are applied to your specific export profile.

So, lets say you suspect that exported product price is not the way it should be. Navigate to Tools → Product Price Checker and use "Search Criteria" form to enter product details. After you click "Search" - product information will appear on the right side.

Price lookup

There can be multiple rules applied to the product. This example above shows that Pricing rule #205 is applied, product base / starting price was 21.6337 and the output result is 22.719585.

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